SMA grid inverter

SMA grid inverter

SMA inverters


Photovoltaic systems are as individual as the homes on which they are. So the technician must be able to choose an investor out of many products, and it should fit best with the PV and ensure the highest performance. Since the first mass-produced solar inverter, SMA has concentrated on expanding more and more the possibilities of use with new technologies, so that today any system from 400 Wppuede operate optimally with an inverter.


SMA inverters can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


We develop and manufacture our investors to have a lifespan of more than 20 years.


A standard 5 year warranty (extendable to 10 years), special telephone lines for technical assistance and additional services such as equipment replacement, large service contracts and the complete package Sunny Easy, guarantee high investment security.



SMA Con Transformador   SMA Sin Transformador



All SMA inverters can be combined with a wide range of varied components for system monitoring. From the Sunny Beam to the Sunny WebBox wireless diagnostic and maintenance by Internet from any PC in the world.


With the SMA grid guard 2 and SMA ESS offers the most reliable security systems available today.

 Made in Germany

All SMA inverters are developed and manufactured in our company headquarters in Niestetal, near Kassel, Germany.

 You choose: with or without transformer

SMA inverters are available with or without transformer. While the transformerless concept offers all possibilities to use modern technology such as H5 topology, with a minimum weight, the transformer device is the best choice when you want a galvanic separation. In addition, transformer-based devices offer the best possibilities for combination with thin film modules. Whatever technology you choose, you will receive, in any event, a team with the highest standard of development