Pylontech Lithium Batteries

Pylontech Lithium Batteries

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US2000 PYLONTECH Lithium battery

Pylontech 'S Modular US2000 Lithium Battery series is the ideal energy storage solution for residential storage applications at the best price

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PYLONTECH UP2500 Lithium battery

PYLONTECH UP2500 Lithium Battery backup system for office computers, data centers, cargo equipment, Banks, hospitals, schools, train stations, airports, telecommunications

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PYLONTECH Phantom-S Lithium battery

Pylontech 's Phantom-S lithium battery is maintenance free and easy to install for residential use. More than 6000 cycles at 90% discharge.Up to 5Kwthroughmodule andModular design to increase capacity easily.

PYLONTECH US3000 Lithium battery

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LV-HUB Pylontech Lithium battery

With 48V Pylontech LV-HUB Lithium battery You will be able to enjoy a 48v parallel battery system for  residential or industrial electrical self-consumption

Lithium battery extra2000 Pylontech

New Pylontech 48V Lithium batteries extra2000  . The best scalable and modular solution for energy storage and delivery in efficient industrial applications

Low and high voltage energy storage System- Pylontech Lithium Batteries

The ideal solution for energy self-sufficiency with Pylontech lithium batteries . Discover the system of lithium batteries Expandable for photovoltaic installations of isolated or of self-consumption, in residential as well as companies.

Pylontech offers a range of Modular 19-inch rack-size lithium batteries with a nominal voltage of 48V, available in 2 and 3.5 kWh of storage. Designed to work more than 6,000 cycles with a discharge depth of 80% DoD.

LiFePo4 Pylontech Lithium batteries are compatible with the main  current inverters in the renewable energy sector such as Victron Energy, Voltronic, Studer, Growatt, Sungrow, Imeon ...

The Pylontech Lithium batteries can be installed in parallel, in the same rack, with up to 8 units in the case OF The model US 2000B or 12 UNITS in the case of the model US 3000 and in turn, with the use of the Hub Pylontech LV-Hub, up to 5 racks can be connected in parallel, which achieves lithium storage systems From 2.4 kwh To 210 kwh, giving this battery a wide range of possibilities for use.



Pylontech, the awakened force

Pylontech Lithium batteries have a number of advantages over other batteries such as:

·Battery Management Sytems -BMS

Each battery has a BMS monitoring system in charge of controlling the load, discharge and temperature , avoiding damage to the battery when exceeding its safety parameters and adding an energy compensated system between


The lifespan of Pylontech Batteries is encrypted by its manufacturer in 6000ciclos at a depth  of S load of L 90%
DoD, although we must show some caution when giving these figures, taking into account the youth of this storage technology in our market and the enormous differences in the conditions of use, mainly climatological conditions that in our geography can be given.

·Reduced weight

Buying with other technologies such as lead acid batteries, the lithium battery is very lighter. In this case, eachPylontech module has a weight between 24 and 32 Kgr, depending on the model.

·Load/unload capacity

The loading/unloading capacity of these recommended batteries is 0.5 C (25 or 37Amp depending on the model), allowing a capacity of 1 C (50 or 37 Amp depending on the model), and a maximum load/unload capacity of 100 Amp, for a maximum of 15 seconds.


As indicated, its 19 "Rack format allows multiple configurations, for this, the Pylontech Lithium battery can be montadaen any rack, or with the Pylontechbrackets.