KIT 970 Daily Use Solar Wind

KIT 970 Daily Use Solar Wind

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Wind Solar Hybrid Kit lighting, television, washing machine, refrigerator and small appliances to 230Vac. Daily use.

Components included in the kit:

  • 4 Monocrystaline solar panels 140w 12v
  • 1 Wind Turbine 12V 400W 
  • 1 Regulator Xantrex Scneider C-40 12/24/48v
  • 1 Sine Inverter Victron Phoenix 12V 1600VA
  • 6 Battery OPzS Estacionarias 6 OPzS 600 C-100  900ah U-Power
  • 1 Connection Kit Batteries (ceramic caps, bridges ect ..)
  • 30 meter solar cable 1x6mm
  • 10m cable turbine 4x4mm
  • 4 meters cable 1x50mm for connecting inverter and batteries
  • 2 waterproof case wiring of panels and wind turbine
  • 8 Termination Multicontact

Use approximately:

15 points 15W light: 2 hours of power each.

TV 20 "(70W): 5 hours of daily power.

Washer. Cold wash (500W) 3 Washes week.

Refrigerator class A (650W / day).

Small appliances, such as radio, blender, etc. .. of sporadic use.

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