Solar Kit with Shurflo 9325 Solar Submersible Pump + Solar Panel 210W

Solar Kit with Shurflo 9325 Solar Submersible Pump + Solar Panel 210W

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Solar Kit with Submersible Solar Pump Shurflo 9325 more 210W Solar Panel

Solar Kit with 9325 solar submersible pump, 210W Solar plate and controller to choose from. You Can use it in wells, water tanks, decorative fountains, irrigation of all kinds or gardens. 

In the 9325 Solar pumping kit, the controller Shurflo Maximizes daily water extraction while providing protection to the solar kit with Solar submersible Pump Shurflo 9325 . Has The possibility of connecting the solar pumping kit to a floating buoy located at a distance in a tank to control the connection and disconnection of the pump according to the demand of the needs. It also Monitors the levels of Water in the Well and reacts depending on the changes in it. AutoMate the water supply via solar energy with the most efficient solar kit.


The Solar kit Submerged pump Shurflo 9325 More solar panel includes:


  • Photovoltaic solar Panel Monocrystalline 210W 24V
  • 1 Contrololador Shurflo LCB-G0 or LCB-G75 Choose
  • 1 Electropump Shurflo 9300
  • 10 meters Solar PV Cable 1 x 6mm
  • 2 Connectors MC4 for solar panels

Take our direct solar watering kit with the guarantee of Shurflo

If you need an independent solar pump kit or a deep well solar water pump, the pump kit Shurflo 9325 with its solar panel is the most independent and inexpensive way to monetize the water supply without paying electricity.

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Maximizer Pump LCB-G0 for Shurflo 9300 Maximizer Pump LCB-G0 for Shurflo 9300
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Maximizer Pump LCB-G75 for Shurflo 9300 Maximizer Pump LCB-G75 for Shurflo 9300
223.12 €
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