Solar wind Kit 25000w


Solar wind Kit 25000w

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Solar Kit 25000w with wind turbine appropriate day to isolated houses with a standardized and stable wind.


  • 15 Policrystalline PV modules 250W 24V
  • 1 Wind Bornay 3000w 48v with regulatory
  • 1 Wind Turbine Tower P750 toe 13m
  • 1 Regulator MPPT Outback Flexmax 80ah 150v
  • 24 Baterias Estacionarias 12 OPzS 1500 2v 2250ah C-100
  • 2 pure wave inverter 48Vdc 5000va Victron Phoenix
  • 50 meter solar cable 1x6mm
  • 15 m cable turbine 4x6mm
  • 8 meters cable 1x70mm for connecting inverter and batteries
  • 2 Fuse and Fuse Holder DC 200ah
  • 2 waterproof case wiring of panels and wind turbine
  • 10 Termination Multicontact
  • Connection Kit full of batteries
  • 1 hydrometer to check batteries

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