Solar Kit release Lithium self-consumption 5KW/4 network connection, 5KWH + panels + double structur

Solar Kit release Lithium self-consumption 5KW/4 network connection, 5KWH + panels + double structur

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Solar Kit Release Self-consumption 5KW/4 network connection, 5KWH + solar panels and double structure to choose

The 5kw/4 release Solar Kit, 5KWH is the integral solution for the supply of residential or businessenergy. It is composed of lithium batteries for self- consumption with network connection and solar panels Amerisolar with double structure to choose.

Compact design Lithium battery Release 5 KWH. 10,000 lifecycles and discharge OF 90% OD your capacity plus inverter. Quick installation with the Power tower All in One release.


Self-consumption release system On Grid photovoltaic with iinstallation Plug and Play, easy to adapt to the existing system, stackable, to grow with you and with perfect switching to keep it powered during power outages . Local and remote monitoring system from any device. Wall mount, IP65 for outdoor applications

Lithium-releasing batteries with 10,000 lifecycles and 90% OD discharge

5KW/4 Release Solar Kit composition, 5KWH

  • 1 5KW Hybrid Release inverter 48V
  • 1 Lithium Battery Release 4, 5KWH 48V-10,000 cycles
  • 1 Kit All in One
  • Full Wifi and Local monitoring
  • 1 Meter for Zero injection
  • 1 2-String protection box
  • Polycrystalline panels Amerisolar 330W 24V to choose from.
  • Double structure to choose: roof, floor or without structure.
  • 4 Connectors MC4 +/-
  • 60 meters Solar PV Cable 1x6 mm black
  • 60 meters Solar PV Cable 1x6 mm red


All in One Release-inverter plus battery

  • Connect and enjoy
  • Expandable storage
  • Expert Engineering
  • All in one
  • Local and Remote Monitoring
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Clean energy



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