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 • Frequency: 5GHz for improved speed and directivity
 • Power: 12V Poe included. It feeds itself through the UTP cable.
 • recommended maximum distance: Up to 6 km with direct line of sight without obstacles.
 • Configuration: Delivered fully configured and paired with encryption key pre-configured, ready to connect on both sides. Installation in 5 min.
 • Size: 160x80mm.
 • Weight: 200g.
 • Consumption: Less than 3W! Ideal for feeding of renewable energies.
 • Package Includes: Power Supply, PoE (Power over Ethernet), clamping flange, installation instructions and preconfigured data sheet.
 • Warranty: 2 years.

 This antenna kit is installed in 5 min on cualuquier bar, tube, bar or vertical support available housing, if there is line of sight between the two positions can easily reach the 6 km. Speed up to 54mb / s. As easy as connecting one router and the other directly to the PC, ready to sail immediately. No need to install two cables since the power is on the same data cable.

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