Eco Shower PowerShow Galant 9 Liter Min

Eco Shower PowerShow Galant 9 Liter Min

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Efficient showerhead. in saving water and energy. Without sacrificing comfort and performance. Spend 9 lit / min (50% savings). It is adaptable to all types of sleeves and easy to install, just a thread. Dusting has different settings easy to change without affecting the flow of water. Constant flow of 9 lit / min regardless of pressure (0.5 to 5 bar). Unique properties of hygiene control. 5 year warranty on performance. Enjoy a comfortable shower with a good chill while saving water and energy.

 - Suitable for all types of sleeves.
 - Easy to install (screw mechanism).
 - Several positions out of the water.
 - Constant flow of 9 lit / min at pressures of 0.5 to 5 bar.
 - unique properties of hygiene control. Not accumulate lime or any type of material.
 - 5 year warranty ..

 Ecological features
 - Reduced water consumption

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