Solar Shower 30 Litres

Solar Shower 30 Litres

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.Installing the CRM Solar Shower

The solar shower is designed to be installed in open spaces where it can receive sunlight for as many hours as possible. Although this machine has the ability to quickly grasp the environmental temperature so that it can be used on cloudy days with temperatures above 25ºC.

Although any position may be valid for the shower to work properly, it is advisable to orient its position on the incidence of the sun, as shown in Figure "A" to achieve maximum performance



Next Steps

Place the Solar Shower at the selected site, upright on a perfectly flat and consistent.

Mark the four holes with a marker plate mooring in the area indicated.

Remove the shower, depositing it in a safe place horizontally to avoid damaging.

Drill the four holes marked on the desired surface with a hole diameter of 12 mm type Vidi, at a depth of 60 mm.

5. Solar Shower reposition upright on the holes made, enter the four blocks of plastic or other soft material to avoid damaging the tie plate.
Once housed tacos to be the top level of the plate, moderately tighten the screws by inserting the flat washers that go with it.

Place the spray of the shower using a wrench or a set of 28 mm.

If the shower had not been completely vertical level can take her hands pushing from a high point, as the board may assign a few millimeters.

It is important to place a gate close to the water network in front of the connection, in order to remove the shower or empty in the winter without having to close other gates





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Once installed and connected to the water network, the command should open red hot until it comes out the shower. At that moment, that control must be closed and the shower will be ready for use, automatically renewing the water consumed.


1 - Spray gently pulling down towards the water out as rain.
2 - Pushing gently spray upwards, the water comes out like a sparkling stream.


When the shower is used occasionally on weekends, holidays, etc ... is recommended to leave open the command of hot water for five minutes to renew the entire water tank. As the chlorine or other treatments may have lost their properties.

Maintenance of Solar Shower CRM

In winter time is required to empty the water circuit of the shower, for it shut the power source, then it will open the two controls of the shower and then open the drain plug back and loosen the inlet to the shower internal drain pipes.

When installing a shower or pipe curb, usually tend to get dirty with sand or other minerals, so it is likely that filter shower sprayer can get dirty. For cleaning we follow the direction of the figure.

In cold winter climates, it is advisable to remove the shower and storage.

When we use the hot water tank has been replenished with cold water when it warms up the volume and may leak very slightly sprayer (a drop intervals). Once hot the water stops dripping. This may lead to think that the valves do not close, however, is normal


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