Stove Corner R3 for firewood


Stove Corner R3 for firewood

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Firewood stove Rincon R3 model with Firewood section and 15 kw


  • Corner wood stove model R3. It incorporates a woodshed at the bottom. Undoubtedly the best-selling model this page and the top-selling in France. An elegant stove
  • The Firewood stove R3 model is particularly suitable for ricón placed anywhere in the house. A stove highly demanded by design and price.

High Power Your Home and Affordable

  • Its high heat output of 15 kW can heat stays of over 290 m3. Besides the wood is one of the cheapest fuels today, especially after the constant rises in electricity tariffs.
  • Its body is made of sheet steel coated premium special paint to withstand temperatures above 800 ° C.
  • Cristal has Vistrocerámico with superior strength.


  • View: panoramic
  • Width 100 cm, height 90 cm, depth 545 cm, 740 cm diagonal
  • Weight: 100 Kgr
  • Flue: 150 mm
  • Plate body 4 + 4 mm
  • Fuel: FireWood
  • High heating power 15 kw.
  • Up to 290 m3
  • Overview of the flame.
  • Double combustion, which improves the performance of the stove
  • Yield 78%
  • Trunks up to 55 cm
  • Always crystal clear, clean glass system
  • Crystal Size: 655x300x4 mm
  • EN 13240​


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