Picard Solar Bag Charger Milano with M5


Picard Solar Bag Charger Milano with M5

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Picard Solar Bag Charger Milano with M5

PICARD products are reliable companions for our clients and also an expression of your lifestyle. They enjoy the good feeling and the smell of high quality leather. Our customers appreciate and enjoy your perfect preparation of current designs and product innovations surprising.

PICARD meets a high quality standard and entrenched competition. PICARD has a strong representation in the country of production Germany. The company has 80 years of existence and, taking this step, strengthens its commitment to strengthening vocational training, care, transmission and processing know-how and the quality associated with production and preservation of jobs in their country of production.

M5 Charger MultEcon

Made in Germany


  • The M5 is our "small" MultECon Charger (Multi-Energy-Controller) with integrated high capacity battery and a unique measurement functions. With the M5 can charge mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras (depending on model), GPS and other small devices. A mobile phone, for example, may be charged to twice. The M5 is ideal for use with portable solar panels, but also can be charged via a power supply or in the car cigarette lighter socket 12V.
  • Small, sturdy, independent: Always with an energy reserve. For mobile phone, MP3 player or GPS. Replenish energy from the sun, a plug or car cigarette lighter socket 12 V and simultaneously charge the phone.
  • Easy: For those who like things simple. Switch on, off and check precisely the charge: "plug and play and you see what you get."
  • Intelligent: For those who want to know the exact capacity, load trend, solar, energy output and solar performance. All in real time without measuring cables!. This makes it easy to place the solar panel towards the sun exactly measure the solar or indicate how much sun you have accumulated total in a given time.
  • Bright: Solar energy is valuable. That is why we treat it with care. The MPP tracking, for example, maximizing the solar efficiency. Besides various autonomous mechanisms of energy savings (eg SLEEP mode) minimalizan energy consumption.


Technical Data | m5


  • MPP-Tracking: Get the maximum solar panel (up to 20% more).
  • Measuring equipment: Performance Indicator solar, load, load capacity and others.
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • DC IN: 6V up to 30V, 6W maximum
  • DC OUT: 5 V, 900 mA maximum, standard USB connection (only charging function)
  • Battery: Li-Ion battery quality. 3.7 V / 1.8 Ah, 5 Wh
  • Weight / size: 115 g / 95 x 65 x 22 mm
  • Alida OUT Connections: Hi-Power USB
  • IN Input Connections: common input for solar panel
  • Charging cable car 12 V: 100/240 V-plug power supply


Accessories | m5: Set of adapters for mobile phones of 12 pieces, plug power supply 100V-240V

Delivery: PICARD Trolley with 3 Wp solar panel, solar bag with solar panel PICARD Milano mit 3 Wp, M5 MultECon Sunload charger, power supply 100-240V (12V / 0.5A), USB adapter set for mobile phones

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