Solar Regulator EnergyCell MPPT ML2420


Solar Regulator EnergyCell MPPT ML2420

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Solar Regulator EnergyCell MPPT ML2420-30

Designed with advanced double-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, the EnergyCell MP24 ML2420-30 solar controller is still able to accurately track the peak power point. When the solar panel shades or part of the panel does not result in multiple peaks of the IV curve.


It incorporates a tracking algorithm of the maximum power point can significantly improve the efficiency of use of photovoltaic energy systems, and raise the load efficiency by 15% to 20% compared to the conventional PWM method.
A combination of multiple tracking algorithms allows accurate tracking of the points of the optimal working I-V curve in a very short time.
The product has an optimum MPPT efficiency tracking of up to 99.9%.
Advanced digital power supply technologies raise the circuit's energy conversion efficiency to as high as 98%.
Program charging options are available for different types of batteries, including gel batteries, sealed batteries, open batteries, lithium batteries, etc.
The controller has a limited current charging mode. When the solar panel exceeds a certain energy level and the charging current is greater than the rated current, the controller will automatically reduce the charging power and bring the charging current to the nominal level.
Large amount of instantaneous current starting capacitive loads is compatible.
Automatic recognition of the battery voltage is compatible.
LED fault indicators and an LCD display that can show abnormality information help users quickly identify system failures.
Historical data storage function is available, and data can be stored for up to one year.
The controller is equipped with an LCD screen with which users can not only check data and operating states of the device, but also modify controller parameters.
The controller is compatible with the standard Modbus protocol, meeting the communication needs of various occasions.
The controller employs a built-in over-temperature protection mechanism. When the temperature exceeds the set value, the load current will be reduced in linear proportion to the temperature in order to slow down the temperature increase of the controller, effectively maintaining control of damage caused by overheating.
With a temperature compensation function, the controller can automatically adjust the loading and unloading of parameters in order to prolong the life of the battery.
TVS lighting protection.

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