monoblock solar batteries

monoblock solar batteries

Monobloc batteries 12v of our major manufacturers such as ENERSYS, TROJAN, VICTRON, TAB, FAMM and Hoppecke

OPzS Batteries

OPzS Batteries

OPzS Stationary Batteries 2v of our manufacturers for windmills and solar photovoltaic installations

Solar Batteries TOPzS and UOPzS

Solar Batteries TOPzS and UOPzS

The TOPZS and UOPZS solar batteries with 2V vessels and allow to accumulate large amounts of energy. Long life solar batteries from 15 years to 20 years that allow deep daily discharge cycles with excellent results for any type of consumption. They are recommended for solar installations in homes where high performance batteries are needed for daily use and continued for many years.

Automotive Batteries

Automotive Batteries

Batteries for Cars, Cars and Vehicles Heavy from 44Ah to 210ah positive terminal on right side

Battery Accessories

Battery Accessories

Accessories batteries monitor solar and wind equipment

Offers on lightweight lithium batteries and high load capacity

Offers on lightweight lithium batteries and high load capacity

We lower prices on lithium batteries for your application. Light weight, high load capacity and no memory effect. Choose your lithium Ion battery online

EPzS Batteries

EPzS Batteries

EPzS EnergyCell batteries, are deep cycle tubular lead plate batteries, with a long life with continuous cycles discharge-discharge. Suitable for solar applications


All in professional and particular battery

Starter battery, traction, industrial and solar

Merkasol offers you a wide range of professional solutions in the field of Battery. Discover the best prices in starter battery, wheelbarrow, traction and stationary or solar. You can complete your installation with Self-consumption solar kits Cheap, solar panels, solar controllers, chargers and all kinds of accessories so that your solar battery has the best energy performance in your photovoltaic installation.


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If you need the best prices in solar batteries 24v, 12v, gel batteries or solar accumulators for photovoltaic systems

Enter and choose the battery that suits your needs with the guarantee of Merkasol

You will find in this section Solar Stationary Batteries OPzS, TOPzS and OPzV of 2v for complete solar systems and telecommunications, telephony, generation and distribution of photovoltaic energy, railways, airport and seaport of signalling, informatics, emergency lights, automation and systems of measure.

Everything related to Solar Batteries At your fingertips with Merkasol. Also Monoblock Batteries 12v PB and sealed AGM and 12v gel battery for any application with solar or other systems.



Automotive Battery

The best batteries for cars, car rental, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trucks or sports vehicles. 

Choose from one of our Car Batteries, motorcycles or trucks. Cheap Batteries and reliable long-lasting for your vehicle or exceed your expectations with unsurpassed power as our range of Battery for tourism Will cover all your needs

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Commercial Vehicle Battery

Leaders in commercial vehicle batteries and are specially designed to help you reduce costs.

The increase in environmental and security legislation, Trucks In circulation with mounting systems of the Battery At the end of the frame and electronic equipment in all applications radically transforms the sector of commercial vehicles. Our unsurpassed range of Truck Batteries CB and TAB Batteries For commercial vehicles is ready to meet the new market requirements. In the sector of the Truck Batteries Or Vans Commercial.

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Motorcycle Battery

Discover our offers on motorcycle battery or scooter battery

We cover a huge variety of vehicle batteries, such as motorcycles, quads, jet skis, ATVs, side-by-side biplaces, mopeds, snowmobiles and even lawn mowers. You can be sure that you will find a Motorcycle Battery Suitable specially designed for your vehicle.

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Leisure Battery

Discover the batteries for leisure vehicles and the wide variety of applications they cover.

The Professional range of Victron, U-Power or Tab batteries is designed for the feeding of boats such as electric boats, yachts and motorboats, as well as all types of caravans and motorhomes. Golf Trolley Batteries and other similar applications, choose a suitable battery, which offers exceptional performance and reliability.

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Solar Batteries 

Discover our solar batteries with the best price. Batteries for solar applications. Stationary accumulators, Batteries AGM, gel or lead acid open.

The Solar Batteries They are the ideal solution to accumulate the energy of the sun in a profitable and sustainable way. Discover the range of solar accumulators and Solar cells for solar panels The most varied in the market at the best price. 

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