Maximizer Pump LCB-G0 for Shurflo 9300

Maximizer Pump LCB-G0 for Shurflo 9300

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Optimizer Shurflo LCB-G0 is a highly recommended accessory for Shurflo 9300 series pumps, especially if the pump is to be carried out directly by solar panels, ie without batteries.

The current use of the optimizer, increases up to 30% as the flow rate has a quest tracker maximum power point of the solar panel (MPPT) and delivers power to the pump by varying the voltage and current at a working point where the flow rate is maximum.

This feature is very effective at times of low radiation, common situations during the mornings, evenings and cloudy days.

However, the pump can run perfectly without the optimizer connecting to a battery of 24 V.

Do not allows the use of probes.





  • For 24VDC systems
  • Increases daily water production by more than 30% or more
  • The pumping system starts early in the morning.
  • The pumping system stops later.
  • The pump works on cloudy days.
  • Protects pump to conditions of high or low voltage.
  • Terminals for the installation of floating switches.
  • Input connections are hermetically sealed


  • Maximum input voltage: 45VDC
  • Power Voltage: 25V 24V systems em
  • Off voltage: 28V
  • Maximum output current: 6A
  • Power consumption: 25mA
  • Maximum system power consumption: 150W
  • Disconnect on temperature: 80 º C (176 º F)
  • Ambient temperature: 10 º C (14 º F) to 45 º C (113 º F)
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 84mm x 32mm


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