Solar Loose Kit Or Lithium Self-Consumption Connection Network 5KW / 13,5KWH + Panels + Structure

Solar Loose Kit Or Lithium Self-Consumption Connection Network 5KW / 13,5KWH + Panels + Structure

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Solar Loose Kit or Lithium Self-Consumption Network Connection 5KW / 13.5KWH + Panels + Double Structure

All in One Loose Hybrid Lithium 5KW/13.5KWH Self-Consumption On Grid with Backup Batteries IP65 Structure and Solar Panels

The 5KW / 13.5KWH Solar Release Kit is the comprehensive solution for residential or enterprise power supply. It consists of a compact system with a modern design of lithium batteries for self-consumption with grid connection and Amerisolar solar panels with double structure to choose from.

Compact design the 3 4.5kWH lithium drop batteries support up to 10,000 life cycles and 90% OD discharge of their most inverter capacity. Quick installation with the Power Tower All in One by Soltaro.

Self-consumption On Grid photovoltaicsystem with Plug and Playinstallation, easy to adapt to theexisting system, stackable, to grow with you and with perfect switching to keep it powered during power outages . Local and remote monitoring system from any device. Wall Mount, IP65 for Outdoor Applications

Lithium Drop Batteries with 10,000 Life Cycles and Discharge 90% OD

Composition of the Solar Release Kit 5KW /13.5 KWH

  • 1 Hybrid Inverter Release 5KW 48V
  • 3 Lithium Battery Release 4.5KWH 48V - 10,000 Cycles
  • 1 Kit All in One Soltaro
  • Full Wifi and Local monitoring
  • 1 Zero Injection Meter
  • 1 Protection Box 1 String
  • Amerisolar 330W 24V Polycrystalline Panels to choose from.
  • Double Structure to Choose: Roof, Floor or unstructured.
  • 2 MC4 connectors +/-
  • 30 Meters Solar Cable FV 1x6 mm Black
  • 30 Meters Solar Cable FV 1x6 mm Red
  • 2 Enclosure cable covers for extra battery.
  • 1 Kit cable connection for 2 extra batteries.


Release All in One - Inverter Plus Battery

  • Connect and Enjoy
  • Expandable storage
  • Expert Engineering
  • All in One
  • Local and Remote Monitoring
  • Elegant and Modern Design
  • Clean Energy

Total Monitoring with the Solar Drop Self-Consumption Kit Network Connection

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