Lithium battery U-POWER UE-12Li125BL 12V 125AH


Lithium battery U-POWER UE-12Li125BL 12V 125AH

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LiFePO4 Power Series POWER ecoline-U-POWER Lithium battery UE-12Li125BL 12V 125AH

Lithium batteries with Bluetooth technology for monitoring

With the environmental problems and the use of lead batteries that lose customers day by day, Upower offers us the new range of lithium ecoline batteries such as the lithium battery U-POWER UE-12Li125BL from 12V to 125AH.

U-Power Ecoline Lithium batteries use LIFEPO4 technology, with the design of the LIFEPO4 cell includes several protective measures including high temperature thermal fuses, flame retardant additives and pressure relief valves.

The lifespan of the Ecoline lithium batteries lasts 10 times that of an acid-lead battery. If we measure in cycles we find that the lithium battery Upower ecoline Cycles 5000 times to 100% DOD while the lead acid cycles 500 times to 80% DOD.

The new cells used by Upower have all the UL, UN, CE and ROHS certifications. Upower continues to innovate in its battery developments and this is why it has incorporated Bluetooth technology. Just download the App that is compatible with both Android and Apple Store on your tablet or smartphone and you will have the ability to monitor your lithium battery in real time.


  • Battery current (Amps)
  • Voltage of each cell
  • Battery charge status (SOC)
  • Battery temperature
  • Battery cycles-information on battery changes.
  • Battery alarms
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery health status (SOH)
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery status


Multitude of applications for POWER Ecoline lithium batteries


Storing solar energy is simpler with a rechargeable LiFePO4 battery. During a power outage, you will have a backup power source for use in lights and appliances. Forget to drive to the gas station after a snowstorm or a hurricane to buy fuel for your generator. You can also choose to avoid high energy costs in your home with this lithium power supply. Store solar energy while energy prices are low, and save money by switching to your lithium battery during peak hours.

Mobility Batteries

It is a frightening experience when your electric wheelchair or scooter battery loses power while away from home, especially if you are alone. A rechargeable LiFePO4 battery is the most reliable solution. With greater use capacity and more power than the lead-acid alternatives, you can safely reach your destination and home. In addition, the lighter weight of lithium makes the transport of your mobility application manageable. Without a heavy lead-acid battery, it is easier for a friend or relative to lift the wheelchair in the back of a car and pull it out when ready to go.


LiFePO4 Light and rechargeable batteries give your sports vehicles a competitive edge during racing. By reducing your vehicle's drag, lithium lets you accelerate faster on the starting line. Its "Holeshot" is a vital moment during the racing of motorcycles or motor boats. A quick reaction on the starting line often makes a difference by winning your competition.

UPS and Switchgear

Lithium is the most reliable choice when you need to offer constant voltage to your UPS and switching systems. Whether your systems are used to power computers, data centers, or telecommunications equipment, you cannot afford unexpected battery failure. LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries are more durable than lead and acid alternatives. Due to electrolyte loss, lead sulfate deposits, and short-circuiting, there is an increased risk that your lead acid battery may fail, jeopardizing mission-critical systems. Lithium batteries are charged much faster than lead-acid alternatives and offer more hours of use. Whether you're traveling through the city or on a suburban highway, you can rely on your battery to take you to where you need to go.

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 12.8 V
  • Outgoing voltage: ≥ 12.8 V
  • Nominal capacity: 125 Ah
  • Floating load voltage: 13.8 ± 0.1 V
  • Inner resistance: ≤ 15mΩ
  • Limited load voltage: 14.6 ± 0.2 V
  • Recommended charging current: ≤ 60A
  • Max discharge Current: 100A/30min, 350A/3s
  • Dimensions
  • Length: 318 ± 2mm
  • Width: 165 ± 2 mm
  • Height: 215 ± 2 mm
  • Self-discharge rate:
  • Residual capacity: ≤ 3%/month; ≤ 15%/year
  • Reversible capacity: ≤ 1.5%/month; ≤ 8%/year
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Discharge:-20 ~ 60 ° C
  • Recommended operating Temperature: 15 °c ~ 35 ° C
  • Weight approx: approx. 15 Kg
  • Storage temperature and humidity range:
  • Recommended storage Environment: 15 °c ~ 35 °c, 45% RH ~ 75% RH
  • Life cycles: (DOD% 100) ≥ 2500 cycles

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