Inverter Charger Axpert KS 3000 PWN


Inverter Charger Axpert KS 3000 PWN

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Inverter Charger Axpert KS 3000 (2400w) 24v with solar controller 50Ah integrated

intelligent Energy

The Axpert series is more than an inverter charger; He is an intelligent energy management system.

Optimally manages battery power, solar power grid or generator to achieve an isolated system without outages, capable of mesclar 3 different energy sources (solar, battery, network) in the most efficient manner.

automatic Savings

The KS-3000 Axpert includes - among other things - solar charge regulator PWM 24 volt battery and charger 50A at 230VAC. If household consumption is higher than the energy produced by the sun or batteries, Axpert use all the solar energy and take the missing electricity grid.

The Axpert is fully programmable, the ability to connect an external generator ensures that there never will be without electricity.

Goodbye to power cuts!

Speed interconnect network, solar panels or batteries is so fast that it felt absolutely nothing; always have a supply of electricity flowed without interruption.

Large LCD integrated power management

The LCD screen has a resolution of 255 x 160 pixel backlit easier to read. Energy generation data, alerts and other information to the user in a clear and simple way is.

All in one

The Axpert is an all-in-one device that needs no more.

The Axpert always prefers the sun's energy or batteries and use it as a last resort power grid or generator set, so you will be independent of the power company.

Easy to install

No other system as easy to install as Axpert series. This is not only good for the person doing the installation: you'll also save time, space and money.

Inverter configuration

Control software and remote programming Inclusions (WATCHPOWER) and investor-computer USB cable. WatchPower includes application monitoring and application configuration of the inverter. Allows control and monitoring of multiple devices via LAN, Internet or USB. Warning or alarm notifications via audible alarm, pop up display, transmission, SMS, message tray and email.

Control software included

The PV-LOG data logger is installed inside the inverter simplifying reading without requiring external power, the data is stored for up to 5 years.

Technical data: AXPERT 3000

  • Pure Wave nominal 230VAC + -15%
  • 3000VA / 2400 watt
  • Input voltage 90-280VAC
  • 50 / 60Hz auto detection
  • LCD adjustable load 24 Volt batteries 50A via max
  • PV max input 60 VDC, 1500 Watt, 6 x 245 watt modules
  • Intelligent solar charge regulator 50A 24 Volt
  • Priorities programmable load 1CA 2Solar, 1Solar 2CA, 1Solar + CA, Solo Solar.
  • RED or generator input
  • Protection: Overload, Temperature, Short Circuit
  • Resettable Fuse 230VAC output
  • Transfer papers time <20milisegundos
  • Consumption 12W standby


  • 100 x 272 x 355mm, weight 6.9kg

Warranty 2 years

Cert: CE, VDE 0126-1-1, RD 1663, G83 / 1-1, AS3100 / AS4777

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